«You will find more in woods than in books.
Trees and stones will teach you what you can never learn from masters.»
(Bernard of Clairvaux 1090-1153)
TREES help maintain a stable concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. INDISCRIMINATE DEFORESTATION is causing the INCREASE of CO2 in the atmosphere, which has directly infuenced phenomena like the GREENHOUSE EFFECT and GLOBAL WARMING.

The alteration of the balance of land use has consequences also to the hydro-geological order, in fact deforested areas instead capturing precipitation that sustain underground water tables become areas of fast superficial water-bearing outflow. This causes in particularly rainy areas frequent cases of LANDSLIDES and FLOODS, while in dryer areas DESERTIFICATION.

The situation gets worse in cities where green areas are quickly disappearing because of the UNCONTROLLED BUILDING which, developed without respect for human beings and their minimal requirements of s pace, has brought about the alienation of the modern individual.
PLANT-A-TREE believes that development does not go hand-in-hand with uncontrolled building and the irreversible alteration of land.
PLANT-A-TREE is a cry of protest against the uncontrolled cementation of land, against the silence of information outlets and against the arrogance of those who have the power and malevolence to inundate the city under the edifices of speculative building.
PLANT-A-TREE takes its stand against uncontrolled building to protect the historical, cultural and landscaped patrimony of this earth as the health of its citizens.
PLANT-A-TREE has helped continuously strengthen the desire remodel cities to make them free, fair, and more liveable by everyone.
PLANT-A-TREE is an occasion for all those citizens who are tired and distressed at seeing their city fall prey to uncontrolled cementation and who, at the same time, can't stand by and watch without doing something.
PLANT-A-TREE promotes the birth of new green spaces that serve to balance the destruction caused by urban development in the last ten years, to create an ecological city with regard to human.
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